Grantham Designer Outlet Village will be an integral part of the local community and plans are already in place for the ways in which it will contribute to and enhance tourism in the region.

The Grantham Designer Outlet Village is proud to be able to fund training for retail staff at Grantham College and the first instalments for this have now been paid to South Kesteven District Council.

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Pop-Up Shop

Building strong links with Grantham town centre is top priority for Grantham Designer Outlet Village, so a Pop-Up Shop for use by local artisans and businesses is included in the plans.

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Tourist Information Centre

Space has been allocated within Grantham Designer Outlet Village for a fully equipped Tourist Information Centre to inform visitors of the wider attractions of Grantham and the region. The scheme will also provide free daily hire of scooters and wheelchairs to help those with mobility challenges.

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Fastcharge car park points

The site will incorporate ample parking with 1800 free parking spaces and 25 fast electric vehicle charge points in Phase 1 and another 200 points in Phase 2.


In addition to jobs created in the construction period, the stores and operations of Grantham Designer Outlet Village will create approximately 1,500 jobs in a variety of disciplines, including retail, management customer service and facilities management.


Grantham Designer Outlet Village is expected to drive 3.5 million visitors to the local area every year, drawing on a vast affluent catchment that stretches from Lincoln to Cambridge and includes Peterborough and Nottingham.

Grantham Designer Outlet Village will be the UK’s only premium outlet with a visible frontage and direct access from the UK’s 3rd busiest highway (A1) via a newly constructed junction.

Grantham Designer Outlet Village will facilitate marketing links with local tourist attractions through direct relationships and via South Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council. Primary local tourist attractions include Burghley House, Belton House and Belvoir Castle, which together attract an annual footfall of over 580K.